We understand that you may have questions about our company/products/services

Welcome to Our FAQ Page

As consumer or contractor IWA understand that you may have questions about the products and services provided. Here you will find additional information you may need. This FAQ page is designed to address the most common inquiries we receive from our valued contractors and policy holders.

Once the contractor has registered your contract details with IWA, a policy will be issued! If you have not received a policy, you may email [email protected] or call 01604 654150

If your contractor is a member of the IWA scheme and they have registered your contract for Deposit Protection and/or an Insurance Backed Guarantee, a policy will be issued to you for safe keeping. As the policy is a live* document, you are not required to contact us upon receipt to activate the insurance.

*Please take note of the expiration dates and limitations on the policy to ensure cover is in place for the appropriate levels/period.

You can only claim once your contractor has ceased to trade. If the contractor is still in business you must take your concerns about your installation to them.

When you pay your contractor an initial deposit and providing IWA has been informed of this payment, including the details of your contract, the policy will protect your payment in the event the contractor ceases to trade*

*Please refer to your policy document for full terms and conditions. Deposit Protection has limitations and restrictions so it is important you understand how and if this may affect a future claim.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee* (also known as Workmanship Warranty Insurance), insures the contractors original written guarantee. In the event your contractor ceases to trade and you have an issue with your original installation after they have ceased to trade, then an Insurance Backed Guarantee, will continue the terms of the guarantee thereafter. The Insurance Backed Guarantee cannot be claimed against whilst the contractor is still trading and does not supersede the contractors guarantee whilst they are still trading.

*Please refer to your policy document for full terms and conditions. Insurance Backed Guarantees (Workmanship Warranty Insurance), has limitations, so it is important you understand, how and if this may affect a future claim.

Deposit Protection* generally last up to 90 days and commences from the day your deposit was paid. In some instances deposit protection can be extended, subject to applying for an extension. Extensions is required please speak to your contractor before the 90 days expires. The contractor can apply to extend cover and this must not be requested until there are 10 days left to run on the initial 90 day period. If you have any questions regarding this process please email [email protected].

The Insurance Backed Guarantee* covers the workmanship warranty period provided by the contractor or for the maximum period shown on the insurance policy document. The lesser of the two always applies. The guarantee insurance period cannot exceed the written guarantee provided by the contractor in any event.

*Please refer to the policy documents for the full terms and conditions.

The contractor under agreement with IWA pays for the insurance on behalf of the consumer. Under FCA compliance the contractor cannot sell or profit from the insurance. If the IWA insurance has been itemised on your contract with the contractor, please advise IWA by emailing [email protected]

The payment for the insurance is payable by the contractor before the policy can be issued. Once the payment has been received and the information pertaining to your contract has been reviewed the issuance of insurance will be authorised and only then will cover be in place.

An insurance backed guarantee can be transferred to a new homeowner (also known as successor in title), subject to applying for the transfer and only if the original contractors guarantee is transferable to a new homeowner. In some cases an admin fee for transferring liability may apply to the new homeowner upon application.

If your original contractor has ceased to trade, please follow the claims procedure on the policy to start your claim.

Always refer to the policy for full terms and conditions as insurers may differ and each will have a specific claims process.

Firstly it is important to remember that IWA provides insurance against the contractor named on the contract. If the contractor name on your contract is not the same as the one named on the policy document you must contact IWA immediately by emailing [email protected] or call 01604 654150.

If there are any spelling errors or the dates/values do not match your contract, please email [email protected], quoting your Full Name, Postcode and the Policy Number found at the top of page 1 of policy document, including the amendments required i.e. the policy start date.

From time to time IWA will contact the contractor to verify the information being provided matches the details they hold for you. Declaring false information is fraud and will invalidate your insurance.

This is explained in the policy document under ‘definitions’, however if you cannot find this information, please email [email protected]

If you do not have a copy of the insurance policy please email [email protected] to confirm cover is in place. Please provide your Name, Post Code and the name of your contractor.

The insurance is free of charge and paid for by the installer to offer you added protection on your investment. IWA understand you did not necessarily ask for cover and on the rare occasion may wish for the insurance to be cancelled. However IWA must remind you that if the insurance is cancelled at your request, then you will not be able to claim against the insurance in the event your contractor ceases to trade.

Your contractor is the company named on the policy and on your contract. It is important to note both the policy and contract match. If they do not match please contact IWA immediately on 01604 654150 as it may affect you making a successful claim in the future.

If you have a policy document and your contract has been completed including paid for in full, then you are now fully covered*

You can even provide feedback on your installer by clicking the ‘feedback’ page. It will only take a couple of minutes and will provide IWA with important information regarding the ongoing services provided by the contractor.

As a contractor we hope you also found the information above helpful.

If you would like to learn more about the scheme including premiums please email [email protected] or complete the enquiries form under ‘Contractors’

It is important to remember that as a contractor you are not authorised under FCA, to discuss insurance or sell the benefits of insurance, including itemising insurance on your contract.

Contact us today on 01604 654150 or email [email protected] for more information regarding our market leading insurance services.